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Dave R. Goodson PE Lic#222

David R. Goodson, Founder and President

David R. Goodson is a professional engineer in the field of high technology manufacturing having a 13 year background with Hughes Aircraft Company in Santa Barbara, CA. His primary assignment was manufacturing infrared optical detector systems for Military and Space applications. During this time, he obtained an MBA from Pepperdine University and was awarded 2 patents (which he personally wrote and submitted without using a patent attorney).

In 1983, David took over his father's machine shop, Manor Research, Inc., (founded by Rufus Goodson in 1961). During this time, Manor was upgraded from manual to NC machining and offered many services not expected for a machine shop to perform.

David held the view that other machine shops were resources, not competitors, and established long term relationships with them that exist today. Adding to this list came other service suppliers, including circuit board assembly and intergration. One Stop Engineering, Inc. is the logical outcome of this model, offering a super-network of resources managed by engineers with the "can do" attitude.

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